We are very proud to share our global-scale, consistent growth that we havebeen maintaining since 1982, thanks to our passion for improvement and success with our distributors. We are expanding our staff around the world with our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction and our production technologies meeting world standards.

We rejoice at meeting our new distributors, who will join our professional and energetic teams and represent our highly demanded brands and our products, addressing to different preferences and needswidely accepted in the markets we are in, such as tobacco, rolling paper, cigarette tubes and cigarette tubes filling machines.

In our journey of delivering our top quality products with our top-notch innovative production systems, we provide professional solutions to spontaneous problems that arise as we follow all our processes with our experienced operation staff and distributors.

With our after-sales support teams, we guide our distributors in every process they may need help with; we also organize product-based and market-based training programs and camps, bringing all Cags Tobacco staff around the World together. While we make regular visits on the field to make sure our teams are always updated, suggesting new solutions to increase our market share is one of the most important goals of our after-sales support teams.

By regularly analysing and keeping track of the current marketing trends and the demands and needs of the new global consumer model, our marketing communications department utilizes all channels of 360 degree marketing in order to answer to the marketing communications needs of our distributors locally and globally thanks to their ability to use of correct strategies, channels and communication materials. We also always strive for the best customer experience by communicating to our brand stakeholders actively and directly.

If you want to join us in this journey, where we always have our distributors’ backs with our production, operation, and marketing communication actions and after-sales support applications, and get more information, just fill the distributorship form and get in touch with our team!

For application & more information about distributorship please contact us